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The AOA Mentor Recognition Program was developed to honor DOs who help shape the future of the osteopathic medical profession through their involvement with osteopathic medical students and new physicians in practice. Through their service, mentors bring a sense of pride to the profession and promote the art and science of osteopathic medicine.

The finalist is selected by the mentor of the year selection committee comprised of student, resident and new physician representatives. The finalist is honored during a ceremony at OMED. The AOA Mentor Recognition Program enables members of the osteopathic family to nominate the mentor who has had a profound impact on their career. Nominations are accepted year-round from students, interns, residents, DOs, AOA Affiliates, or any other member of the osteopathic professional family and may be submitted online. The nominee must be a member of the AOA.

AOA Mentor Spotlight

iLEARN Mentor Recognition Program

Spotlight on

Mark W. Beyer, DO


Rowan University School of Osteopathic Medicine (formerly UMDNJ)

Time Mentored:

Dr. Mark W. Beyer continues to be a mentor, but I first became mentored in 2012 during my 1st year as a medical student.

Mentor Qualities:

Dr. Beyer is first, a wonderful person. He is very easy-going and exudes great interaction with his patients. Secondly, on numerous occasions Dr. Beyer has gone out of his way to get me involved in a very competitive specialty that I have a particular interest in, ophthalmology. Ophthalmology is one of the specialties with the fewest osteopathic residency positions. In a field like this, having the opportunity to be mentored by Dr. Beyer has been crucial for me. He has provided advice, beginning as a 1st year medical student on critical aspects to become a good residency candidate. Out of his own will, Dr. Beyer consistently checks in with me to see how I am doing. On numerous occasions Dr. Beyer would let me know if there was time available to shadow with him in the clinic, shadow with him in the OR, and provided me with an opportunity to help publish a case report. In short, I've been blessed to come across a mentor such as Dr. Beyer. Without his continued support, I would not be nearly as knowledgeable about ophthalmology as I currently am.

Mentor Characteristics Adopted:

I’ve picked up many traits from Dr. Beyer. The most impressive trait I’ve garnered from Dr. Beyer is his confidence. When I think about applying to a competitive field like ophthalmology, at times it can be intimidating. I constantly wonder how I stack up against my peers and various other anxious thoughts. When I watch Dr. Beyer work in the clinics with other attendings, he is well trained and it shows in his work. With my audition rotations approaching, I strive be prepared, confident, trusting in my skills, and caring for the patients the right way; all of which I have witnessed through my opportunities to work with Dr. Beyer.

Mentor Impact:

While I have not yet matched into ophthalmology, I feel as though I am compelled to mention the impact Dr. Beyer has already had on my career. As I stated before, he continues to be a great resource for me and a great mentor. With confidence, I hope to match to ophthalmology in less than 12 months from now. Without a doubt, some of my accomplishments through research and through my ophthalmology skills in the clinic have come with the support of Dr. Beyer. Attempting to match into a small field with such a close resource just a phone call away is more than I could ask for. And the best part, I really never asked for him to mentor me. He has supported me out of his own kindness.

Mentor Stories:

Listening to Dr. Beyer tell me about his wife keeping tabs on his diet, it is hilarious.
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