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AOA Mentor Program Frequently Asked Questions

AOA Mentor Hall of Fame

Who can be inducted into the AOA Mentor Hall of Fame?

Members of the osteopathic professional family who were nominated for the AOA Mentor of the Year award and met the criteria standards for the award.

How often are mentors inducted into the AOA Mentor Hall of Fame?

Mentors are inducted into the AOA Mentor Hall of Fame on an annual basis.  Announcements of the inductions are broadcast through a variety of media vehicles.

How do I nominate a mentor?

Nominations can be submitted online through this web site.  Click here to go directly to the submission form and follow the prompts.

I nominated my mentor.  Why is he/she not in the AOA Mentor Hall of Fame?

If you nominated your mentor, but do not see him or her in the Hall of Fame, they may not have been eligible to be a recipient of the AOA Mentor of the Year award.  If you feel this is an error please click the Contact Us link and forward your question or concern to the Mentor Hall of Fame Program.

AOA Recognition Program

Who can I nominate?

Any member of the osteopathic professional family is eligible for nomination of this prestigious award.  As long as your mentor meets the each criteria (listed below), they are eligible to be nominated and potentially named AOA Mentor of the Year.

Is it possible to submit a paper application?

Although we encourage submitting the application through this site, you may submit a letter that includes all of the pertinent information requested on the online nomination form.  If you opt to submit a letter nomination, please ensure that the information is legible.  Fax submission should be sent to (312) 202-8443, attention Mentor of the Year Selection Committee Secretary.  Mailed submission should be sent to:

AOA Department of Membership
Mentor of the Year Selection Committee
142 E. Ontario
Chicago, IL 60611

 What are the criteria used in the selection process?

 In addition to recognition elements, the following specific criterion is used:

The mentor fosters the long-term development from mentee to DO colleague, encouraging mentees to develop individual talents and strengths as an advisor and guide.

  1. The mentor facilitates mentees in acquiring the skills and resources needed to succeed as scholars and professionals.
  2. The mentor acts as an advocate and leader in professional matters, such as presentation of research findings, post-doctoral options and job placement and practice development.
  3. The mentor demonstrates respect and a sincere and active interest in the well being of mentees.
  4. The mentor is an AOA member in good standing.

What is the timeline for the recognition program?

Nominations are accepted year round. The cut-off for nominations happens one month before OMED. All nominations are then made anonymous and sent to a selection committee of students, residents, and peers. The selection committee chooses one nominee to receive the award at OMED during a presentation. The winner will be contacted prior to OMED to notify them.